Mystery & thriller 2020

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It was supposed to be a vacation, the trip to a newly discovered tomb of Jesus…

When Sabina Ferrara was driving to Bingerbruck, Germany, she was hoping to put a painful marriage behind her. Certain unforeseen events turned against her and during a visit to Christ’s tomb, she is meeting Thomas von Essen – a dangerous thief, who is hiding behind the name of a decent family, pretending that he is a famous archaeologist. Against her will, Sabina is dragged into the middle of the stealing of biblical artifacts, killings, and shootings. She ended up attracting the attention of an unknown enemy from Jerusalem, a wicked man called Papa Zen. A powerful mogul who knows too much about Sabina and her mysterious birthmark. She is the one he was looking for so long…

12 lost pages from the Bible
Car chasing, guns, and fights
Yakuza and Ndrangheta families
Palermo, Istanbul, Jerusalem
Deaths, tears, broken hearts

Sophia von X is a story of violence and obsession, secrets and tragedy, lies, hate, and love.


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Victoria Ray grew up in Orša, one of the oldest towns in Belarus. Although interested in writing fiction from a young age, it wasn't until 2018 that she decided to pursue it as a career. Victoria lives in Sweden with her family and two dogs: Daisy and Sky. She holds PhD in Classic Russian Literature. Books: 1. SOPHIA VON X, a novel (thriller) 2. SO ABSURD IT MUST BE TRUE, Unique and Absurd Series (surreal humor and satire) 3. DULCINEA and THE DEATH CODE, Child of Illusion Series (young adult, absurdist urban fantasy) 4. 42 DEGREES OF TRUTH (satirical poetry) She is working in genres: - surreal humor and absurdist comedy, - adult humor and satire, - bizarro sci-fi/fantasy, - humorous thriller, - satirical poetry. Writing style - satirical, dark, and 'quixotic'! Visit Ray's blog on Wordpress -