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Hello and welcome! 

Thanks for stopping by on Ray’s page. I’m an absurdist comedy and surreal humor writer. My fantasy-full stories combine science-fiction, fun erotica, and adult humor.

I love dogs, classic literature of XIX century, pur-eh tea, ayurvedic food, chocolate cakes, yoga, and tarot. When I’m not writing, I’m traveling the world, climbing mountains or sitting in a small gods-forgotten café, observing people.

I’m sharing all my adventures and discoveries on the blog – RayNotBradbury


  • surreal humor and comedy,
  • adult humor and satire,
  • absurdist sci-fi/fantasy,
  • thriller,
  • satirical poetry.

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Mystery & suspense; religious thriller, Sophia von X 

Adult Humor and Satire (18+), So Absurd It Must Be True 

Satirical poetry (18+), 42 Degrees of Truth 

Young Adult, metaphysical urban fantasy, Dulcinea and The Death Code



Surreal Humor, Mystery and Satire, So Absurd It Must Be True (18+)

Young adult, absurdist urban fantasy, metaphysical, The Secrets of A-Ria 



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